This day has been a long time coming! I am so excited to officially launch the Nourish Our Girls campaign, and hope you will join me in our mission!  This campaign is a culmination – and celebration! – of my graduate work, nutrition research, and personal health journey over the last 8 years! 

It all started with a personal desire to lose that stubborn baby weight after my youngest daughter was born. That effort led to an intense curiosity about how different types of food affect our bodies, our energy levels, and our overall health.  I started making a hobby out of nutritional analysis and recipe makeovers, and slowly transformed our family’s diet from the Standard American Diet (SAD) to one that is now focused on the real reason we all eat – providing our bodies with the fuel and resources it needs to keep us going and keep us healthy!

When our girls were old enough and it was time for me to go back to work, it was clear that nutrition was no longer just a hobby.  It had become my passion, and I knew wholeheartedly that I wanted it to be my career as well.  So back to school I went! Four years and two Masters degrees later, I was even more sure of the influence food choices have on health and disease – I saw it impact other people, I felt it myself, and I read countless (yes countless, thanks to that Evidence-Based Medicine class at University of Bridgeport!) studies linking specific dietary choices with certain diseases.  Having children of my own, the most POWERFUL science was that regarding childhood diet and its potential to influence adult health decades later.  What we feed our children while they are growing really matters!  It directly impacts the development of their cells, tissues, and organs and therefore has the ability to either predispose them to, or protect them from, various diseases.

One of the diseases influenced most by childhood diet is breast cancer.  During my graduate research, I amassed over 55 clinical references about the relationship between what girls eat during the breast development stage and their risk of breast cancer later in life as an adult.  At first, this information was intriguing to me. But the more evidence I uncovered about this link, the angrier I got… I have two young daughters, and I am very committed to making healthy choices for them.  How could I not have known about this connection?  Why wasn’t anyone sharing this information with parents of young girls so that we could take it into consideration?  This is powerful stuff!  I am not suggesting that we can prevent cancer through diet alone, but even if we  have the ability to reduce cancer risk, isn’t that better than doing nothing???? 

At today’s rates, one in eight girls will be diagnosed with breast cancer during their lifetime.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want either of my daughters to be that one.  Nor do I want my beautiful nieces, or my girls’ classmates, or my girlfriends’ daughters to be that one.  If I can do something to reduce their risk of disease, I’m going to do it.  Breast cancer is not a mere game of chance. We have the power to influence our daughters’ risk through what we feed them. 

And so the Nourish Our Girls campaign was born.  I have taken all of the scientific data available on this relationship and built a campaign to RAISE AWARENESS and provide families with the resources to make smarter, healthier choices for their girls.  Our mission is to help families feed their daughters well NOW to protect them from breast cancer LATER!

I hope you will attend one of our educational events, explore our website, and LIKE us on Facebook to support our mission.  Most of all, I hope that you will reach out to me with questions or to schedule an event or consultation about nourishing YOUR girls now, in hopes of keeping THEIR “girls” healthy for a lifetime.

AuthorNicole Larizza