Our Campaign

Breast cancer is currently the 4th largest cause of death among women in the United States. At this rate, one in eight of girls born today will face a breast cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. Frankly, those odds are frightening.

There is compelling data that diet and lifestyle choices during childhood and adolescence may influence risk of this disease later in life. Nourish Our Girls is an educational campaign to raise awareness about girls food choices that may increase or decrease their risk of breast cancer as an adult. It’s all about feeding our daughters well NOW… to protect them from breast cancer later.

The Nourish Our Girls© campaign begins with a community presentation for parents, grandparents, friends, and mentors of young girls. The goals of the presentation are:

• to raise awareness about an important opportunity to reduce risk,
• to share the science currently available on the topic, and
• to make practical recommendations about food choices for girls.

The campaign continues with group or private consulting sessions to help families take action and integrate our nutrition recommendations into their daughter’s daily diet. We also conduct fun, hands-on workshops that girls can attend with an adult or family member so they learn to cook nourishing meals together. Our website, Facebook page, and Instagram accounts provide a plethora of resources and links to health articles, recipes, and menu ideas. No matter how you prefer to access our resources, we provide a variety of tools to help you put the Nourish our Girls nutrition plan into action!

Nourish Our Girls is a product of the graduate research conducted by Nicole Larizza, MS. Nicole holds a Masters of Science in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport, and is currently in private practice in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Support Our Cause

The Nourish Our Girls campaign and educational events are only possible through the financial support of individuals, health institutions, and corporate sponsors.

Your generous donation will ensure that we can continue our mission to raise awareness about feeding our daughters well now… to protect them from breast cancer later!

If you are interested in corporate sponsorship opportunities, please contact Nicole Larizza at nicole@nourishourgirls.org or 203-520-8484.