The Wall of Why

The Wall of Why is our way of acknowledging the girls and women who inspire us to continue this mission.

They may be our daughters, for whom we will move mountains to protect…

They may be our sisters or friends, who battle some form of cancer but remain strong in their resolve to live life to the fullest for themselves, their daughters, and their granddaughters…

Or they may be our mothers, aunts, grandmothers, friends, or mentors who have fought hard but lost their lives to cancer despite enormous will and hearts of gold.

For all of these women, we honor them by working hard to make change, and by doing what we can to reduce the risk of breast cancer for today’s generation of girls.

We invite you to add the names of girls and women who inspire YOU to live a healthy life and to teach your daughters to do the same!

Just fill out the simple form below to submit your name(s).

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Isabella Larizza
Gabriella Larizza
Grace Castellazzo
Olga Castellazzo
Marta Capecelatro McLean
Jean Larizza
Minnie Fava 
Mary Ann Wasil Nilan
Linda Mazza
Mara Callahan
Nancy Hogan
Carmela Pugno
Betty Duckett
McKenzie Richardson
Taylor Richardson
Dolores McClelland
Kym Cameron
Krystin Lefebvre
Kerry Richardson
Lauren Larizza
Sophie Larizza
Chloe Larizza
Silvia Simpson Larizza
Anna Ploeger
Phoebe Ploeger
Lauren C Ploeger
Isabel Messore
Kathie Pellicio
Tracie Metzger
Jamie Ledezma
Katherine Rosenschein
Meghan Rosenschein
Kathleen Hughes
Karen Beckelman
Helan Barajas
Janet Hughes
Liz Myslik
Angela Pelliccio
Jesse Rosenschein
Pamela Aflalo
Michelle Ross
Annie Ross
Betsey Nash
Reesi Nash
Lyla Nash
Lydia Velenosi

Laura Brownwood

Amber Jones

Irene Ross

Helen Kaiser
Ineke van Schooten